• Beliefs & Values


We are multidimensional beings whose bodies, hearts, minds, and souls are interwoven.

We work towards flourishing across all dimensions of life. We reclaim our integral sentient selves repressed by our overly cerebral yet at the same time mind-numbing society.

We are unique persons composed of a plurality of identities, abilities, drives, and creeds.

We celebrate the beauty of human diversity in every shape and form. We have distinctive gifts to share with the world.

We are gregarious animals who need connection and thrive on collaboration.

We seek to improve our modes of communication and our forms of interaction so as to nurture more authentic and resilient relationships.

We are creative and ever-changing individuals manifesting the manifold shades of life.

We discover new ways of being in the world, thereby challenging the limiting ideas and social patterns of the established order.

We are embodied spiritual entities taking part in the mystery of existence.

We honour all expressions of the Divine, giving thanks to all that is beyond us, all that precedes us, and all that support us, ultimately letting the self dissolve in the ocean of consciousness.

We dare to lead an empowered life of loving reverence.


Empowerment & Authenticity

We choose courage over comfort by leaning into our edge and venturing out of our comfort zone. We own our experience by acknowledging, accepting, and honouring whatever feelings, thoughts, and sensations arise within us. We develop our awareness, our sensitivity, and our intuition by bearing witness to life, both visible and invisible.

Care & Benevolence

We strive to keep an open heart and mind by refraining from having expectations and making assumptions. We are aware that we each carry our own emotional baggage, shadows, and traumas, whilst longing for deeper connection. We could all benefit from some more healing and lovingkindness.

Respect & Consent

We respect other people’s predispositions, inclinations, and orientations, as well as, boundaries, needs, and desires just as much as our own. We value self-determination and believe that so long as there is consent, anything is possible. We cherish diversity as much as unity.

Freedom & Creativity

We believe that we learn best through play.

We consider art to be a form of play.

Beauty & Spirituality

We view contemplation, thanksgiving, and wonder as central to any life worth living.

We regard beauty as a spiritual necessity.

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