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Swan Alyon


S wan has been guiding individuals and groups for over a decade and has facilitated numerous holistic and transformational events worldwide. They have worked in a wide range of contexts such as alternative schools, detention centres, theatrical performances, yoga teacher trainings, and higher-education.

Swan experienced periodic awakenings form early childhood. They attempted to make sense of the mystery of life through the study of philosophy and divinity before contemplating joining a religious community, following in the footsteps of their ancestors who were Christian monastics from Western Europe and pioneers of Caodaism from South-East Asia.

Their quest for truth led them to journey across temples and academies on all five continents. In parallel to numerous retreats and pilgrimages ranging from Benedictine convents to Tibetan temples, including ashrams and Osho centres, they studied and taught at the universities of Oxford, Chicago, and the École Normale Supérieure. They published articles on a diverse subjects related to moral philosophy, comparative religion, and political history. Swan worked as a researcher and supervisor at the University of Cambridge where they wrote their PhD thesis on personal and social transformation.

Having realized that the body has as many secrets to reveal as the psyche, Swan attended the Jacques Lecoq school of physical theatre in Paris. They organized devised theatre performances and gave workshops on socially engaged forms of ritual and theatrical practice. They explored a multiplicity of somatic and artistic disciplines ranging from ballet and floor acrobatics to bouffon and polyphonic chants. In art as in life, their favoured means of expression remains improvisation.

Being aware that open and vulnerable communication is the basis of any healthy relationship, Swan pursued training in various psychosocial modalities such as Non-Violent Communication, mediation, and Circling. Yet their most important authentic relating skills were developed in the intentional communities in which they lived and the political collectives with which they collaborated.

Swan continued their spiritual journey by completing certifications in tantra, yoga, and breathwork and delving into interspiritual ministry. Their calling is to empower modern seekers to deepen their connection to self, other, and spirit so that we may feel at home within themselves and with the world.

Swan truly cares about supporting people finding themselves and about curating spaces that bring together safety and creativity, playfulness and wonder, as well as empowerment and surrender. In addition to workshops and retreats, they offer ceremonies and rituals as well as private mentorship.

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