• Marking the Moment


Rituals and ceremonies are meaningful ways to take the time to cultivate deeper connection to oneself, to one’s community, and to the divine mystery. As an interspiritual minister, I help you celebrate the moments and transitions that are important to you.


Rituals need not be grandiose. In fact, most rituals do not require the presence of an officiant. This is the case for our daily, personal rituals, which are probably those that matter most. Nevertheless, we sometimes wish to mark a transition, celebrate an occasion, or commemorate an event with someone who can hold space for us and support us in the process. We usually call these more official rituals ceremonies.

Weddings and funerals are the main life ceremonies that we still celebrate in Western society. Yet for those who do not identify with a particular religion, it can be difficult to find a spiritually sensitive yet open-minded person to officiate these events. There are many other occasions in which the presence of a minister can be appreciated. Rather than merely throwing a party and making a speech, there is something special and meaningful about being guided by someone who is in service of the spiritual path, especially if this guidance is one that is personally chosen.

As a minister, I help you imagine and create the ceremony or ritual that you feel could enrich and ennoble your life. A ceremony can also be a special gift for a loved one.

Below are examples of ceremonies that I am delighted to officiate:

  • Interfaith or interspiritual service
  • Rites of passage (e.g. coming of age, graduation, retirement, other life transition)
  • Weddings & Separations
  • Funerals & Memorials
  • Psychomagic ritual
  • Gender transition
  • Oath-taking
  • Blessings

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