• Finding your Path


One-on-one personalized accompaniment on how to flourish across all dimensions of life and move towards awakening. As genuine growth requires patience, discipline, and commitment, this work is for those who are ready to truly invest in themselves.  Expect to be challenged but also free to move at your own pace.

The Process

My mentorship is neither therapy nor coaching. It is primarily spiritual accompaniment. Yet I am not using spirituality to cover up your wounds, shadows, and traumas. Spiritually will not fix you. Nor will it manifest your desires. Rather, it will invite you to confront yourself, to face your fears, and to explore the depths of what it means to be a human being. Spirituality is not a separate category of life alongside health, relationships, career, and so on. It pervades all aspects of existence.

My role is neither to help you nor to motivate you. It is first and foremost to support you in finding your inner teacher. I make simple suggestions following a threefold process of self-integration, self-actualization, and self-transcendence.

My approach is pragmatic. Pragmatic means that what counts is what works. If a practice does not work for you, we’ll move on to another. What makes you feel awake? What makes you feel aware? What makes you feel alive? Let’s find out together!

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