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Swan is a real magician in the art of self-transformation. Their work allowed me to experience the complexity of our inner nature, both wild and pure.

As a relational coach, I often hear people say that few of us seek genuine connection nowadays. With Swan, sceptics were proven wrong. Everyone, regardless of their identity, experienced a magical moment of profound respect and connection. Swan knows how to create a safe space that allows people to truly let go and immerse themselves in the experience.

Swan is an expert facilitator. They fill the room with a sense of what’s possible. I was able to open my heart more easily, dare a bit more than I might otherwise, and ultimately I found the courage to connect, to grow, and to play.

The deconditioning process that took place within me so that I could improve myself and become more aware of my inner nature was no simple task. And yet it is thanks to such experiences that I realized how positive it is for me to feel like a simple human being among many others. I invite all those on a path of self-inquiry to work with Swan.

Swan helped me to discover parts all of myself, the beautiful and the downright ugly. Through their innovative way of creating a safe space, in movement, sound and somatic exploration, they allowed me to peel back many layers of my own existence. This in turn inspired me to challenge my stagnant belief systems and to flow through life with more acceptance of what is. Ultimately, Swan facilitated the process of transformation within myself with a great pinch of humour and lightness which always left me with curiosity for more. They are totally unique and beyond our time, their guidance has been invaluable.

I was moved by Swan’s guidance, which I found both authentic and to the point. I very much enjoyed the inclusive container they offered as well as the efficiency of their facilitation. I felt they created a space in which care of the body, liveliness of mind, and quality of heart were united.

I took part in Swan’s Tantra and Human Improvisation classes in Tbilisi. This happened at a rather harsh period in my life, and the peace and light I have gained through these classes have given me so much support and have come so much on time that I am grateful to Swan beyond any imaginable limits. I was amazed by the swiftness with which Swan guided us through the exercises as well as at the ease and confidence with which they transmitted the state of being present to the whole group and created an atmosphere of trust and safety for all of us. Also, being a non-native English speaker, I was impressed how clear and precise Swan’s explanations were, so that everyone in a large international group could easily understand what was expected. If you are in any doubt on whether to join some adventure with Swan or not, I would definitely go for it — and believe me, from the first seconds with them you will feel that this is a teacher you can trust, that will help you relax and fully immerse yourself in the process.

I did not take long for me to be moved by Swan’s gentle and kind-hearted facilitation style. I felt a sense of trust from the outset. Their relational intelligence and intuitive care and empathy allowed me to fully surrender and immerse myself in the experience. The momentum of their workshops is both gentle and efficient. I was lucky enough to take part in several workshops and noted the same rigour, coherence, and professionalism. Thank you!

I made a huge leap forward in my personal growth thanks to Swan. They provided a safe space in which I was able to find many of the things I had been looking for – things that I had always wanted to explore. I believe everyone could greatly benefit from Swan’s guidance.

Swan was one of the instructors on my Tantra Yoga Teacher training. Their classes were extremely creative, thought-provoking and fun as well as sensitive, welcoming and non-judgmental. Swan knows how to support the group: they create a very safe space where one can be vulnerable and feel seen. Outside of class, they also showed a lot of care for the participants, checking in with us collectively and individually on a regular basis. I really appreciated it and it always felt very genuine and loving.

I discovered a non-judgmental space, outside of time and social norms. It was a very special moment that allowed me to feel freer, to develop greater self-awareness, and to find inspiration and joy. I felt welcome, supported, and encouraged to grow.

I have had the honor of participating in Swan’s workshops over the years and seen him grow and mature to become a leader and reference in several communities world-wide. Swan is an expert facilitator and their workshops are organized, inclusive, friendly, safe, personal, engaging and transformative. Swan goes the extra mile in terms of communicating logistics, they are proficient at “reading the room” and for adapting exercises and guidelines to best suite the participants needs. Swan’s workshops are not only his offering of love to you, but an invitation for you to explore new ways of being in the world.

Swan held us all in a state of deep presence for the whole workshop – I didn’t notice time passing at all. It was a beautiful opportunity to drop into the present moment. I experienced so much joy through physical sensation. I now have a better language for meaningful connection with loved ones.

Medically retired police officer and seeker of light on a spiritual path

Though words do little to express the experienced I received I will do my best to define the magical journey.  I am new to tantra and was not sure as to what to expect though the universe guided me to Swan and I chose to listen.  I believe it is essential for me to share a bit of my own story so that the reader can fully appreciate the healing that I received. I was born and raised in Montreal Quebec in a physically abusive household losing my mother from cancer at the of age ten years old, I was placed into fostercare as my biological father was unfit to raise my twin brother and I. Unfortunately, I experienced further trauma within this system. I subsequently quested to help society and other children from the suffering that I had endure and became a police officer questing to help. Regrettably, I was sorely met by a reality of unimaginable brutality from both the calls of service and the officers themselves. My experience as a police officer left with a bitter taste in my mouth of an archaic system of punishment that helps no one and instead harms many. This left me suffering even further and I was subsequently diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and medically retired. I have been suffering with the horrific symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder for many years and I have explored many different modalities of healing including CBT therapy, different medications, physiotherapy, osteotherapy, athletic therapy, group therapy, and both in-patient and outpatient therapies. These therapies felt limiting and could only take me so far on the path to heal my body and mind. I therefore began exploring esoteric approaches including meditation, yoga, reiki, psychedelic medicines and ancient Chinese medicines such as but not limited to Qigong, acupuncture and Tai chi. I have been on a journey around the globe to seek connection and better myself through self-work to free my mind of the barriers that a life of trauma and suffering had instilled. I quest to remove the falsehoods that upbringing and a capitalistic society of never-ending consumption of want and need had embedded in me.

Upon entering the space enhanced by Swan’s magic I was immediately met with an abundance of peace, love and hope. The space felt sacred and was illuminated with a plethora of candles that cast shadows on the traditionally aged brick walls which are so characteristic of Montreal’s charm. Meditative music rang out softly in the comfortably warm space filled with other seekers of truth who waited excitedly for the ceremony to begin. Swan guided us with breathwork and explained that breath is the link to the universe. Through the breath I felt something I had never experienced, I could feel energy pounding from inside my chest expanding outwards to my skin which lit up with meaning. We continued to connect learning about our boundaries of yes and no as well as how to give fully, receive fully and to let go. I entered that space amongst strangers and left feeling more connected to myself, others and the universe than I have ever felt in my entire life. The connection and love I felt was indescribable. Parts of me had healed in a way that no other therapy had been able to accomplish. I finally felt at home and will forever be grateful to Swan who is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Thank you Swan for this great gift, forever in my heart. With love and light I feel free.

Swan’s workshops brought me the connection and intimacy for which I had been yearning. They offer a safe way to explore radical honesty and to have the opportunity to be truly witnessed. I really enjoyed their poise and how it transpires in their exercises as well as the diverse techniques that allowed me to learn new ways to tap into presence and awareness. They helped me recover my sense of self-esteem and allowed me to connect more authentically and vulnerably with others as well as with myself. I am very grateful for the windows of freedom and self-expression that they open.

In recent months, I have been attending many of Swan’s workshops. These workshops are well paced and facilitated through authentic connection with oneself and others. As a facilitator myself, I am always pleasantly surprised by the creativity Swan puts into his exercises. I would never shy away from trying one of his workshops and meet Swan in person. He will open many doors for you.

Swan helped bring awareness to the subtle spaces and permeable boundaries within me. Confidence and dignity increase with the ability to say no to oneself, to transcend inner thresholds. On a broader level, it is a welcomed end to thousands of years of patriarchal distortions – a brave new beginning of humans reclaiming their freedoms.

Swan is a magician. A master in creating a safe and loving container in which one can dive into the depths of the SELF, the depth of true connection to others and into the depth of the present moment.

Swan offers spaces in which to play and grow where I feel incredibly held and beautifully guided to explore embodied authentic relating with others. Their exercises stimulate creativity and emergence, which often become moments of real magic.

I very much enjoy the warm, welcoming, playful, creative, and beautiful vibe Swan’s workshops always seem to have. One thing that is particularly special about Swan is the diverse ways in which they playfully and creatively guide the exploration of movement, touch, internal and interpersonal experience. I’ve met wonderful people at these workshops – including my current partner!

I’ve been very interested in self-development for years. I studied religious studies at university to understand spirituality, to understand the sacred and to better understand that which unites us to each other and to the universe.

I have always been suspicious of gurus of all kinds because the abuses perpetrated by some. I have always taken training and growth workshops with suspicion. I’ve been lucky so far to have come across caring people. This is all the more important when we talk about spirituality and sexuality through Tantrism.

I had theoretical and practical training by several people on Tantrism. I always put to the test the people who gave his trainings and workshops. I have always tested them on their egos. If you want to play in the ego and push people to see theirs, you have to lead by example. In other words, one must not have a disproportionate ego to teach Tantrism, it goes against the subject itself. I have been lucky so far I have met humble people with a good sense of humor. If the person who teaches Tantrism has no sense humor, beware.

Before I met Swan, I met five other people who also practice Tantrism. Swan is one of the best I’ve come across. Swan offers very good workshops on Tantrism. His teaching is mostly practical, the theory is applied. His workshops are clear and to the point. He easily manages to establish an atmosphere of trust and can be quite funny. His apparent composure, self-assurance, and care allow us to delve into our innermost selves.

Workshops are tools to understand where our comfort zone lies and how to step out of it. The other becomes our mirror, we are all mirrors to each other. It may seem selfish, but it is not. Everyone shows up fully in the exercises, everyone comes out stronger, more connected with themselves and more connected with other people. It is an extremely nourishing and sacred experience, which invites us to leave our profane world for a moment to connect with the divine part that is in each of us. We come out of it energized and harmonized.

I can’t wait to take more workshops with Swan!

Thank you for having offered such a safe space, for having taken such good care of the group, thank you for welcoming our vulnerability and our needs. Thank you for your poise. Thank you for being a mirror that reflects every aspect of our being. Thank you for your light-hearted humour. Thank you for your precious teachings, which were my first steps towards reconnecting with life. Simply breathing. Simply being. Simply observing that which is present. Simply playing. Dreaming. I am infinitely grateful for your wisdom.

I fell in love with Swan’s presence. They were a great source of inspiration for me. I felt like I could completely surrender. I was deeply moved by their guidance, whether be it through breathwork or connection exercises. I loved the unpredictable and authentic ways in which they invited us to embark on a profound introspective and collective journey. They inspired me to approach life as a miraculous work of art.

I am unbelievably grateful to have been guided by Swan. He has a true gift of holding sacred space in a playful, safe, comforting, and hilariously fun way. His ability to navigate the group seems effortless as he guided us into experiencing true union with ourselves, each other, and the divine. During his offerings, I felt fully held and supported to be able to experience and experiment in ways I was unable to before, for that I will forever be grateful. I whole heartedly recommend his offerings and would be blessed to be able to share space with him again. Thank you, Swan, so much for the grace in which you guide, the beautiful love that you embody, and the sacred space that you hold!

Prior to attending this workshop, I had known only the surface levels of what Tantric practices are and have to offer. I had tried very few exercises, but knew that it is a level connection that I needed to explore further. The environment that Swan creates in this interactive, highly explorative workshop allowed every participant to dive into deeper methods of connection than I think majority of us ever had before. Given the opportunity to gaze into a stranger’s eyes, to explore our subconscious fears and desires, to ask for care from another human being, created a sense of pure presence with one another that I truthfully cannot forget. From the initial exercise of simply jumping in a room full of people, I looked around and saw the unique quality of every person’s jump, their energy, and how they move in life. From that point on, I was fully immersed in the experience and felt entirely respected and supported by Swan as our facilitator. I look forward to deepening my own knowledge and experience in the fields of Tantra, as well as continuing to be guided by Swan in the future. I recommend this practice to anyone that seeks deeper fulfillment in the human experience. I encourage you to have an open mind and a trusting heart — you will not be disappointed with these tools to guide you. My deepest gratitude goes toward Swan and all of the participants of whom I shared this incredible experience with. Thank you.

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